Monday, February 15, 2010

chicago 2010

i went to chicago for the college art association conference. it was fun and freezing.
snow is magical.
some photos of the new modern wing at the Chicago Art institute.
lawrence wiener below. apologies for lack of other names + titles.
and my friend jess with her dog maggie and a snowball maker.
snow funny!

it's a small narwhal world

my friend helped his friend (karen) move into a new place with new roommates. my friend noticed this narwhal in the kitchen and knew it was mine. i sold it at open studios last fall to a nice guy who said "i must have that narwhal." turns out he's karen's new roommate. also, i'd forgotten I'd made a housewarming painting for karen about 5 years ago, so her new place has two paintings by me. just a crazy coincidence i had to share. narwhals forever.